Design Approach

In order to achieve an all-embracing, peaceful place in which people can live, and work and be, it is important that whatever we design sits in complete harmony with its surroundings. Emphasis has to be placed on the relationship and interaction between the built environment and ourselves – all aspects are interactive and inter-dependant. They each contribute to what we are and the way we live. Every one of our designs must reflect and complement its setting; it must be in its rightful place in that moment of time. It must also acknowledge its contribution to individual or corporate or society’s aspirations.
So it must celebrate nature and all things natural, while forming a positive link between nature and humanity, and the built world. Our commitment to individuality, and to a cohesive relationship between people and the world they live in shines through in all we do. It is the foundation for our ecclesiastical, residential, commercial and institutional architecture. It is the motivation behind our planning and infrastructure designs. It is the very basis of our interaction with clients, colleagues, and society.

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Our architecture inspires, and stimulates emotion

We are Architects and Member of:


Phanos N. Loizides

Fanos Loizides was born in 1971 in Limassol. He graduated from the School of Architecture…

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Antonia Shiambela Loizides

It was obvious from an early age that Antonia was destined to enjoy an artistic life…

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